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Ready Player One

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This week’s book is “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. I love this book, but not as much for the 80’s pop and cultural references, but for the gaming environment and the futuristic dystopia everyone lives in. The book dives into big world problems playing huge effects as external factors on the main character and his world. There’s a love interest in the book that seems to drive the main character.

Basically, everyone in the world lives in this virtual world because the world issues makes the real world life really crappy. In this virtual world, there’s a currency, schools, and businesses. Mr. Cline really excels well in giving the reader such vivid details about this alternative universe, and makes it really exciting as well. Though there’s a few archetypes, like an evil mercenary corporation, the adventure is compelling. What drives this story is a prize for a lot of money based on an Easter egg put in the game. The creator dies, and an 18 year old kid, the main character, finds the first one which propels everyone to hunt for these eggs.

I don’t want to reveal anymore, so I definite say you should go out and get this book and read it. It will be worth your time, especially if you’re nostalgic about the 80s.

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