Craft By Zen

Newsletter Series

A weekly, longform essay that mainly focuses on lessons I've learned. I try to write something I find meaningful, whether it's exposing your ignorance, staying true to yourself or being resilient. In a world of tweet-sized advice and short comments on a non-sensical Facebook post, there's not enough time to process and distill what we're actually thinking. These letters are to slow down, lean in and really try to form more coherent thoughts than writing that instant gratification post on my choice of social networking site.

  • Newsletter: Season Three
    My interview series where I interview each person one degree of separation at a time. We talk along the theme of communication and connection. At the end of our conversation, I ask the interviewee to choose the next person to interview. I repeat this 7 times. We learn what it means to be connected and how to reach out to people we may not know.
  • Newsletter: Season Two
    In this series, I write on the theme of "repeated failure". I explore personal bad behaviors, avoidable events, and corrective actions.
  • Newsletter: Season One
    Original Run of Jear-Bear Letters. As the newsletter premise explains, I explore aspects of my life and reflect on them. I take the time to explore myself and come to a deeper understanding of who I am and where I want to be. Sometimes I get serious and write about topics below the water line. Other times, I find a narrative around recent events of my life.