Craft By Zen


🧑🏽‍💻 / Colophon

In printmaking, this is a brief statement at the end of a book or manuscript, typically used to describe the details of its production. For this website, it is how the site is made.

Tech Stack

This website is built with Astro, Tailwind, Github Pages, and Netlify. The previous site was built using Jekyll, Sass, Bourbon, Neat, and Netlify. I wrote a short blog post about this here.

The newsletter is powered by Buttondown.

The domain is registered with Hover.


This website uses “Brother 1816”, a font by Ignacio Corbo and Fernando Díaz of TipoType. The previous font we used for decorating the newsletter was Festivo LC Basic Dots by Ahmet Altun.

I love using Futura when I have time to go to the letterpress shop at San Francisco Centter for the Book.


I use a number of components in Astro for reusability.

This section is still under construction, so if you want to read more, please reach out to me.

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