Craft By Zen

Jeremy makes essays and mini projects about programming, data, and crafting.

Maker, Home Cook, Book and Film Nerd. Currently leading application development at Clear Labs

Recent Writing

  • Navigating Healthcare During Crisis

    Daily headaches, panic attacks, life or death experiences on a trip from the ICU and back

  • Google Reader, Information Over-Consumption, and Slow Reading

    The idea of an infinite scroll can be dangerous, and here are some tactics to curtail their effects on our addicted minds.

  • 7 GUIs

    Based off the 7 GUIs benchmark, here are implementations of the 7 GUIs in Svelte.

  • SolidJS

    A dive into my personal notes on SolidJS, as I was going through the tutorial.

  • Typescript

    Deep dive with Typescript and its features. Some notes and examples.


Recent Projects

  • Beautify JSON

    A tool for beautifying JSON quickly

  • Holiday Card Charity Drive 2019

    Donate to Global Giving for a holiday card

  • Garbage In Garbage Out

    Data exploration of inflows and outflows of city trash to other cities. Data from the US Commodities Survey from 2012. Project from Science Hack Day 2017

  • No Slouching Sloths

    A PSA developed as a project from Science Hack Day 2018

  • Smart Composter

    Smart composter using IoT Sensors and the Grow-IoT library. Project from Science Hack Day 2016

Latest Books

  • Book cover for Field Guide to Happiness
  • Book cover for Excellent Advice for Living
  • Book cover for Four Thousand Weeks
  • Book cover for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Book cover for A Guide to the Good Life

Latest Films

  • Film Poster for TÁR
  • A Room With A View
  • Film Poster for Fruitvale Station
  • Box Art for Dekalog
  • Film Poster for A Brighter Summer Day

Newsletter Series

A weekly, longform essay that mainly focuses on lessons I've learned. I try to write something I find meaningful, whether it's exposing your ignorance, staying true to yourself or being resilient. In a world of tweet-sized advice and short comments on a non-sensical Facebook post, there's not enough time to process and distill what we're actually thinking. These letters are to slow down, lean in and really try to form more coherent thoughts than writing that instant gratification post on my choice of social networking site.

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