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There’s a Time and a Place for Everything

I’m really tired of the American media, but then again, it’s so flexible that my mother has forgotten all about it. Without the media, your life is all about yourself and making yourself feel great. But now, the media, moreso the news, makes you feel awful. I was watching local news the other day and I felt fairly… biased against much of what they said. “Tonight on the eleven o’clock news: a Man highjacks a plane, lands it, and gives the pope a phone call.” Now that’s exciting news. Unfortunately, it was about some kid dieing in a school… again. Or it was about the prostitution near the schools. I don’t give a shit. It’s all of this unnessesary news that has to go noticed because some executive producer believes it’s got spazz like the news actually meant something these days. Well, thank god there’s the internet. Now there goes a laugh with an lol cat. Laugh out loud. Not really, I don’t get them at all. Anyways, I’m off to criticise the news, maybe there’s something good to see, but I’m bringing my hopes up. I never give the news any optimism.