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My Take on Scientology

With all of this hype about nothing, er, I mean Scientology, the MSM (Main Stream Media) puts up a rabble about pretty much jargon. But Scientologists want attention, mostly because they’re made up of celebrity leaders, i.e. Tom Cruise. Other seem to join this lost cause. Let me explain to you why this is just nothing you should pay attention to.

Scientology isn’t that large. I mean the congregations aren’t that large, compared with other religions like Islam or Christianity - Baptist. It’s just another so-called religion that wants attention. The best you can do is to ignore it. It’s taking over my much prized celebrity gossip magazines, and I’m pissed. I want to read about Britney flashing her “thong,” not Will Smith converting to some religions. Celebrities convert to different religions all of the time. What’s so shocking about Scientology?

What is so big about Scientology? Hm. The writings of fiction/Sci-Fi writer L. Ron Hubbard seem to attract an audience, but certain fans feel that they connect more to these writings. In fact, you may want to say that they created a “Cult” from this, but that’s going to far, of course. But this happens all of the time. Like Star Wars for instance. Some people really do believe they are a Jedi. Who’s to say that they aren’t in a religion. (The government!) But I digress. Anyways, my point is, fan based gatherings make up only part of the story. In its height in I guess the seventies, it’s all out war against Psychiatry boosted more fans, like Star Wars episode one, but soon after lost attention. Now the media boosts the attention even further, to PROMOTE more people to convert! Goddammit, if you tell me another Scientology story, I will blow. (And cuss a lot.)

Remember, when you see Scientology, ignore it. It’s not even worth your time. (And turns you off of Tom Cruise movies, like my friend’s favorite - Top Gun.)