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Super Tuesday - The World Is Watching Upon The Elections

The whole world is watching, watching the US vote their top running tiers into the top of the respective political parties. The world is gazing upon perhaps a country to go back into war, a country that has accepted an African American to lead us, or a country that has been in a Bush/Clinton Regime another four to eight years. We, the people of the world, are watching.

Super Tuesday madness is with us, and we really should make the right decisions, or the world might fall prey to Global Warming, which already is, or to endless wars in the Middle East and Southern Asia. Who knows, maybe we’ll learn something better this time around. (Hinting at 2000.) Be Aware. Be Judgmental. Be Skeptical. Don’t waste your vote because your pressured to, US citizens. Sorry for all of those foreigners who couldn’t contribute.