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Procrastination - The Life

Everyone has done it before. Procrastinate. Before writing that sentence, I procrastinate on thinking of what to say because I was busy watching LOST. Anyways, I’m more attentive now, writing on a topic that I really can’t stop doing. Here’s the scoop about my procrastination that is indifferent than anyone else: I procrastinate whenever there’s the opportunity to procrastinate. It’s true that I will spend some time of my life thinking of the activity or chore I need to do, but that time does eventually turn into work… after the deadline starts approaching. (Or may have already passed)

Here’s a thought in mind. What if you never procrastinated? How would your life change? Think about the first time you procrastinated and how that’s affected your effectiveness and performance? (Whoa, that sounds like an Office routine right there. One pointless PowerPoint about productivity.) I don’t think I’ve met anyone who hasn’t done this, or if I did, then I didn’t pay too much attention to them because they’re too dull and apathetic to talk with in the first place.

Bottom line is, procrastinate occasionally. For example, if there is priority work to be done, like there’s an emergency with a loved one, or maybe yourself, then you should get to it. If you have work due next week, like taxes or paperwork, you may want to hold it off and tell yourself that there’s something to watch on television, even though that’s kind of dumbing down the American society, besides the rest of the world as well.