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Immaturity in Guys

Well, I’m never going to run out of topics with all of these issues abundant in the world. Look, there’s one thing I must say about men and immaturity. If the guy hasn’t matured yet, don’t count him to change anytime soon because he still wants to play and his playtime has no bounds.

I’ve definitely been on both sides of the scenario. First, there is the laziness that guys have in their teens. I’ve felt it before, see my post on procrastination. However, where procrastination persists, the guy isn’t all so lazy doing nothing at all; he is either jerking off or being the immature fuck-mockery of the society. You know that guy; he hangs around the steps of the Post Office building smoking some good weed. (I’m high on tumblr-weed, if you get what I mean) When the man finally stops playing and gets his act together, it’s probably too late for any change at that point, so he finds his way back into the circle of procrastination.

Other activities of immature people include being very flirtatious, or acting as if your flirtatious in a passive way, like scolding a girl you secretly admire, yet you don’t have the guts to ask her out, so you discriminate (Not the best word choice) her by calling her names, like shit-faced ugly behemoth. Another immature thing guys tend to do is to punch other guys. At first, its just a playful thing, but women may tend to see that as a sign of gayness and, well, homosexuality. Yes, our culture has come to a point where fist fights are not brutal, but sexual. And you know this whenever your thinking about wrestling, unless you actually wrestler as a sport or career, but even then, you must admit that a guy in tights fighting one another has to result in a sausage-fest.

The second way, the other way, of looking at things is quite apathetic… really. Being mature is like being called an old man or old fart because this guy actually cares, cares for something that means something to him. It’s the man’s pathos, something American society shuns upon because it’s not manly. Fuck me pretty hard if you want me to believe that soft bull-shit. If our society wants everyone to conform in being this tough prick who turns out to be this lily pad underneath is not good at all for the guy’s self-esteem. I mean really, when was the last time you saw a short scrawny white cracker, and yes, cracker, because that is what he is, (This is not reverse discrimination, this is just plain old discrimination) trying to beat up or out speak some tough minority from the “hood” which I call shit area? Yes, that’s right, on television or last week on the streets. It is common to see this banal behavior these days, only because that cracker didn’t know when to call it quits for one day, or the rest of his life. Being mature is the fundamental key in success, or you can be immature for the rest of your life, playing World of Warcraft and having anime fetishes. (By the way, that’s not really immaturity, its just plain weird.) I might preach about guys having a good time, but sometimes, we need to “grow up,” which is a euphemism for “get off your lazy ass and find work, you worthless prick.”