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Older Women Thinking Twenty

I hate to face the facts dead on, but I must in order to inform the masses, or few, on something that’s so challenging to our society. I’m talking of course about the female dress code trends. There are two tough spots I want to hit: the “little girl whore section of the mall” and the “Older woman/ Mothers trying to be hip like they’re twenty.”

First, the dress trends of little girls, and I WILL call them little because that’s how I classify them, though it is demeaning. For the last few months, my gay friend made me go to the mall a few times. Now, let me get something off my chest first, I hate the mall. It doesn’t matter which shopping mall it is, they still sell cloths. Of course, I do deject some strip malls that sell very selective things, but that’s local. I’m talking about the shopping malls that are owned by large corporations and are heavily influenced and funded through advertisers as well as other big corporations not having actual property inside the mall.

Wow, I wrote a whole paragraph about me ranting on about what mall it actually is! It doesn’t matter, life’s too short. Anyways, as I was saying about my trip to the mall, a few weeks ago I noticed the sizes of clothing for girls ages 7-12 and I see that most of the cloths they were selling were mini-skirts and fishnets and other whorish clothing. Now, I know you must be thinking that I’m some mother really concerned about the future generation. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m not worried about the future generation because first of all, the future generation is going to take care of the older people anyways, unless you’re fucking rich, which in that case, you’ll be hiring foreign workers. Also, I’m not a mother, just an early adolescent that’s a bit more mature than the rest of the group.

The clothing line that these girls have are ridiculous. I thought that mothers who had no common sense would buy these cloths, but no. It’s the mothers who want to stay in fashion; those who can’t figure how to make their own decisions in life and are bossed around my their husbands because they have no control over their own lives. They willingly go around and passively follow the trends, which is why they got married in the first place because all of their friends were getting married, so they thought it was their time to get married as well. Now, you may thinking that the children have no idea what they’re wearing. It’s quite the contrary actually.

For an older generation who wants their children to be sheltered by the sex in life is not doing quite a good job. Children know what sex is now because teachers are teaching it and, well, such a younger age group is exposed to it earlier on. Now, I’m not here to criticize the Native American culture, but I do know that some tribes in the past have in fact let their children experiment with their “Hoo-hoo’s” (That’s such a funny way in putting it) at a VERY young age. Actually, there is no criticism to give because it ties humans back to nature, the way I interpret it. I’m guessing that this type of culture is coming back, kind of like a regression of human history. If young girls want to be whores or prostitutes and the mothers want to buy this “smut,” then let them because then we’ll go back to a full circle in human history because that’s what we did before.

Alright, how about the woman around the age of forty or fifty still wanting their twenties look? Well, there’s another problem/ solution. For these people, all I can hope for is that they don’t do anything reckless, like break up their (Hopeless) relationships because being twenty again has terrible downfalls. Being twenty means possibly heavy drinkin’, experimentin’, and hard heavy metal music. But I’m not here to give you the heads up on the things they did, but rather the cloths they wear.

The woman’s fashion for that age group isn’t so much better than the kiddie section. The breasts are nearly showing out of dresses, not forgetting that they’re beginning to sag, and their shirts are getting higher. I don’t mind this kind of behavior, again, but it is demeaning to regress in such a fashion because they’re stamina and, well, whole mind-set has grown. If they want to be a pussycat doll, let them, but their “fuel engine” won’t be as well-oiled as before, if you know what I can mean by that.

It’s human nature to regress, I suppose. I don’t see any hope on either cases. I do see that there does not exist the romantic notion that television and media portrays in American culture, which I have already known for a while already. Romanticism… bah! Stop thinking America is the best. In fact, stop thinking about nationalism. It’s not the future and it’s definitely this “patriotic” thing that stops progression. I’ll talk about that soon and about my notion against the nationalistic thinking as well next blog. Ciao.

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