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The Sad Reality of the Volatile Dollar

I’ve just read in the Economist that gold is up $1,000 per ounce. “Look maw, I striked rich!” But that’s not good news at all. It raises many questions; Gold hasn’t started supplying more or less, and there’s no new pull on demand, so why is there such a big increase? Why of course the Dollar! All of the commodities are benefiting from this falling and weakening dollar. For one, Oil is going up and keeps on going on new highs every weeks. Hell, if this continues, we could see Oil go up to $150 by the summer. This is however, not suprising to a few. Why? The FED’s pumped more money to the banks out of thin air that the dollar is losing it’s value really quickly. It seems banks can do whatever they want because the FED has its back up to a corner with two options, die or go bazookas. So what is to happen with all of this money being pumped, which by the way is 200 freakin’ million? Commodities! Yes, there is a new bubble now that could burst next. Commodities! But don’t worry about that, we are still facing the housing crises, so I guess it’s one at a time, one after the other. Don’t worry, if the dollar doesn’t plunge, then we know that something bad is really cooking. (BTW, Stagflation will occur also, just you wait.)

In response to The Economist article