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Movie Review: Zeitgeist Addendum

Warning: the film is about two hours long.

This film is a sequel to one of the most downloaded films, or as I’m told, on the internet that’s free. (I guess it’s not considered pirated to download this film then)

They make interesting points and is only a skim of topics that doesn’t actually go in too much depth into. It goes through the lunacy of religious establishment and our banking system, as well as the corporate system of “corpora-trocracy” or taking initiative for profits no matter what the consequences might be. In the end, it tells us that a system we live in that is governed by politicians and the social elite (But they’re not really called that, it’s MSM in my mind) will crash and if we don’t do anything, the people will riot and totalitarian governments will ensue. But if we do something now, like look into the “Venus Project,” then we can see a glimpse of where we really could be headed, not that I personally think that’s the only solution.

Watch it and take it as it is. It’s still an opinion that presents problems and solutions, so don’t think you can’t judge it or criticize it. However, do take in what they say into some consideration; no where does it say you have to be bounded by someone’s words or beliefs.