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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie poster
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie poster

Rant moreover a review

I didn’t like the ending of this movie. Nor have I liked any ending of a Harry Potter movie because it always ends the same. Even if there’s horrendous things happening in the movie, the movie has to end with all of the characters learning a lesson and laughing it off. Somehow, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all unscathed and unwounded, internally and externally. BS I say. I’m supposed to feel really sad and emotional over a gay headmaster’s death. But really, what the fudge? I’m not sit through two hours of fluff and twenty minutes of actual action unless it’s going to end the way Heat did. I really didn’t like the climax nor resolution of this movie. The whole first hour, I couldn’t stand the fluff the director tried to entertain us with.

To be quite honest, I watched this movie in an almost empty theater with no connection with the headmaster or Harry for that matter. Dumbledore’s character should’ve been played by someone else. I actually enjoyed the person who played him in the first two movies, Richard Harris. But this other guy, Michael Gambon, has no feeling or emotion for me to be sympathetic about Dumbledore’s character.

To say the worst, I spent over ten bucks on this movie ticket, and it wasn’t even IMAX. So please, somebody please make the next movie better, by a huge margin, so that it won’t be a complete waste. I read all seven books, and I particularly enjoyed the last book far more than the other three because it was not structured the same as the other six.

I won’t spoil it for everyone, so I’ll just say, don’t waste your money on the Harry Potter franchise this time. It’s just not worth it. Wait for “The Deathly Hallows” Part I and II. Or maybe wait for them both to come out. I don’t want to be disappointed next time, if I give it a next time.

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