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Movie Review: Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning movie poster
Sunshine Cleaning movie poster

A more optimistic review

A movie I suggest to you all instead is a movie that came out last year, starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. I saw this while on my trip last month. I enjoyed the plotline and story all together, though the character flaws and development could be sped up at times. Maybe it could be replaced by better actors, but overall, the movie was fine and entertaining. It’s about a cleaner working for a home cleaning company, played by Amy Adams, and a sister who lost her job at a diner, played by Emily Blunt. After an incident, they both start a cleaning company for cleaning up crime scenes after the body has been removed. It’s a hilarious and touching story about these two women struggles and how they find some sort of consensus in the end, with themselves and each other.

It’s a lighter dark comedy to the real profession the movie talks about and pokes fun of the fact we are afraid of death.

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