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2010 Resolutions/Goals

Last year, I failed miserably with my goals. So this year, /i will try and succeed with at least half of my goals. Here we go.

  1. Retain some other English accent
  2. Take an Art or Photography class
  3. Participate in a Marathon and train for it
  4. 52-Week Book Project. Check this blog out for more info.
  5. Finish a collection of short stories
  6. Make a 365 Photo-Blog. I’ve started with Day 1 on this blog already. I should have the blog up by next Monday. The goal is to post a picture a day.
  7. Watch and take notes on every Ted Talks
  8. Watch 1 Movie a Week I’ve never seen before that’s been recommended to me. I’ll start this on the first complete week of 2010.
  9. Finish an Art piece and sell it.
  10. Write a song, possibly a whole EP, record it, and play it live.
  11. Keep a dream journal and experiment with lucid dreaming
  12. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  13. Continue blogging here
  14. Study history of pop music: done best by listening to 2 or 3 albums a week
  15. Tweet everyday with a new vocab word (Probably for artwiculate)
  16. Write a screenplay for a short film or web-series
  17. Write a proposal to pitch to VCs (or other people) of a live broadcast studio at low costs on the internet
  18. Reach goal of 100 podcast reviews (I’m around about 60 now)
  19. Read David Allen’s Getting Things Done and implement it in my daily routine
  20. Master a different language
  21. Make a home-brewed electronic device
  22. Pass my GWR

So I’m hoping to do at least 11 of these goals by the end of this year.

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