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New Goals for 2011

Last year was overwhelming. This year, I’m going to break it down with goals and projects, since they seem to have separate intentions. I’ll describe the projects, and I’ll leave goals as one-liners.


  1. Spend at least one month using no credit cards or debit cards to pay for purchases, excluding online purchases. ATM withdrawals are fine.
  2. Keep track of every expense for a month, and can use or Quicken, or other financial tracking program if desired.
  3. List of books - Get it organized and make a queue of what to read next
  4. Paleo diet for at least 30 consecutive days
  5. Website redesigning + Create personal Website
  6. $8.00 or less meals
  7. At least 40 new books read
  8. Produce a webshow with at least six “pilot” episodes
  9. No High Fructose Corn Syrup for 2011
  10. Pass my EIT exam
  11. Cook at least one new recipe every week (Or an accumulation of over 50 new recipes), with documentation


  1. Codename ‘Open Books’
    This idea manifested itself into a manifesto I’m going to write once I gather enough research to implement the idea. It basically tries to create a new platform for authors to get published and get compensated for, as well as allow creative commons, or some other form of copyright, though I doubt it will be copyright, for others to remix, redistribute, reorganize literature in the future.

  2. An Anthology of Different Music Genres
    The way we classify music for a few decades now is by musical genre. However, the internet is increasingly diversifying and scatter the number of genres, increasing exponentially. But every musical genre and fusion has some sort of origin, so my goal is to encompass Hip-Hop (ongoing from November and December of 2010), as well as Classical, Folk, Metal, Rock, and Electronic (I know full well this does not cover even a whole chunk of music out there). I’ll update everyone how I’m going about this sooner than you think.

Hopefully I’ll expand the projects list, but for now, here is my rough draft. I’ll try and come back to this list every so often and see how far I’ve come along. Thanks for reading the blog during 2010, and there will be more for 2011.

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