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Travels: Munich

Mary's column

It’s been over three weeks since the last post, and now I can finally share some interesting photos of my first day of Munich (of many days I’ve been here). This is mainly of the city center region, Marienplatz, and surrounding area. A few hours after landing from Chicago to Munich, I immediately checked into the hostel, which would not have my room until after 4:00 pm. So what do you do in a foreign country with no sense of direction, and somewhat no purpose (I started summer school in four days, so I had time to fuck around)? You go on a tour, because I’m a tourist!

The Church Build by the Devil

So I get to the meeting place on my tour (which was Mary’s column, shown above), and I was off. I met some interesting travelers from all over the world, and saw some interesting architecture that was mainly rebuilt after the war because Munich wanted to keep some of its old buildings to have that rustic look. My tour guide, Adam, was from Australia and had a few cheezy, yet funny jokes to keep us entertained. Also, being a sponge of historical information, I just soaked everything he said. There was the church that built by the devil, the Opera House, Viktualienmarkt, the Hofbrauhaus (oldest beer hall in Munich), and much more. Also, we passed by a Michael Jackson tribute, which was almost a little bit too creepy.

The Opera House

All in all, I get a beer from the hostel, an Augustiner Hell, and drink it while I shower. Incidentally, the weather was really sunny all day up until nightfall, in which I hear lightning, followed by heavy rain. I pass out before 10:30 pm.

So check out my next post as I talk about Neuschwanstein!

The Michael Jackson Tribute

The Hofbrauhaus

The Pole from Viktualienmarkt

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