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New Years 2011 Resolutions Revisited

Every year, I share my resolutions in order to help me keep myself on track. Sometimes, goals just aren’t refined enough to do, and sometimes goals are just too hard to do. Here they are, and let’s see which ones I’ve failed.

[Success] Spend at least one month using no credit cards or debit cards to pay for purchases, excluding online purchases. ATM withdrawals are fine. Thanks to being in Munich where cash is the only type of transaction that I can only have, that helped.

[Failed] Keep track of every expense for a month, and can use or Quicken, or other financial tracking program if desired. This is still a good idea. I should still do it.

[Failed] List of books - Get it organized and make a queue of what to read next What the bleep was I thinking with this one…

[Failed] Paleo diet for at least 30 consecutive days I started reading into the paleo diet. It sounds great, but I don’t think I’m having that much gastro-inflammation with the current diet I have now.

[Quasi-success] Website redesigning + Create personal Website Blog got redesigned. Personal website = not.

[Failed] $8.00 or less meals What can I say. I was travelling and got guilty.

[Failed] At least 40 new books read I almost did it. I got to 37 books. Lesson learned.

[Failed] Produce a webshow with at least six “pilot” episodes I’m still going to do it. It has a premise now. I finished my other book, so I’ll start script writing soon.

[Failed] No High Fructose Corn Syrup for 2011 Before you know it, you are dipping french fries in ketchup, or use ketchup in some other ways. Gosh, restaurants do not use organic ketchup.

[Failed] Pass my EIT exam I’m signed up for the next test in April. I missed the deadline in August.

[Failed] Cook at least one new recipe every week (Or an accumulation of over 50 new recipes), with documentation
I didn’t document them, but I did cook many different recipes. Probably not 50 new ones though.

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