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Movie Reviews in Five Words (April 2012)

Instead of doing a book review this week, I thought of doing something different. I’ve watched way too many films over the last few years and have started writing down every movie I’ve watched since January 2010. Here’s a quick review that’s five words long for each movie I’ve watched back during the month of April 2012.

The Raid: RedemptionSection titled The Raid: Redemption

the raid: redemption movie poster

Indonesian gore-filled fight scenes

God Bless AmericaSection titled God Bless America

god bless america movie poster

Rampage against reality TV shows

ShameSection titled Shame

Shame movie poster

Desensitized and Horny Michael Fassbender

HaywireSection titled Haywire

Haywire movie poster

Spy Movie Coy and Subtle

ContrabandSection titled Contraband

Contraband movie poster

Ocean-border patrol usually works

ChronicleSection titled Chronicle

Chronicle movie poster

Reason teenagers ruin their fun

* All movie posters from Wikimedia Commons

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