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Enter New Website

On Starting

I’m finally on a new platform and have full control of my content on Squarespace. Shortly, I’m going to register a new domain for this website and have this be my new home. Those who have migrated from my Tumblr need not worry because I will still update that with photos and random short-form items that I see not fit for this blog. The reason for the switch is that I want to be able to express thoughts, show weird experiments I’m doing, and keep a journal-like blog where I can add pictures, links, videos with ease and not worry that I can only add one of those per post via Tumblr. Also, I’m not concise enough to be tweeting every post either. And I’ve tried Wordpress before and ran a semi-popular podcasting reviewing website in the past, and though I did like their system, I feel Squarespace is more robust and can actually do a lot more.

In the coming weeks, look out for updates. I’m going to start tweeting more about this too to promote my website and my work. I’m also taking up photography again to really showcase myself. So comment and tell me if I leave out anything, like a “like” button on Facebook (which I’m not adding yet, but not completely morally against), or a “pin it” button.

I leave you this quote on the shape of things to come.

“They may not remember what you said, but they’ll certainly remember how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou