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Ghosts, Part 1

I went on a ghost tour in downtown Charleston where the tour guide told us real ghost stories. His stories were enlivened because we would bear witness to the sighting locations.

First, the tour guide introduced us to the ghost in the jail house. Over a century ago, a confederate prisoner occupied a prison cell in this jail house. One night, he heard footsteps down the hall. It was late so the prisoner thought it was a guard. When he looked up, he saw a woman in a white dress. He felt a chill as she walked passed his cell, laughing hysterically. Years later, the prisoner writes the experience was more horrifying than the dead bothers lost in battles.

The jail closed down and was abandoned for decades. In the early 90’s, a tour guide stumbled into the space and decided he should tell ghosts stories there. He started a ghost tour service and saw business boom. One late night, after telling his ghost story, he broke horror movie rule number 1: Don’t wander off alone. He walked down a long corridor saw a women in a white dress. He shined a light at her asking if she was lost. She smiled at him and walked into the wall. He was taken back and ran off. The next day he resigned from his tour business.

Who was this lady? The tour guide believes she was a serial killer from the colonial days. Her husband and she killed over 30 people. They were captured and sentenced to death. After the beheadings, her body mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps she’s haunting the jail house because no one knows where her body is.