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2017 Retrospective

This year has been tough. Stressful, hard to bear, testing my beliefs. Yet, for all the negative events, I still found time for finding myself and having a deeper understanding of life.

I have not come out publically to talk about my friend’s suicide. It was painful. And then a ex-co-worker died. Then a family friend. Then my backpack was stolen. After that event, I crashed. My emotions got the better of me. I went hermit mode for a month, unsure if I could come out. But I’m reminded I have friends along the way, helping me through the tough times. I also have the option to seek grief counseling. The world can be cruel. The world can be delightful. Depends how you look at it.

So as I take the time this year to reflect on my list of accomplishments, I also reflect on the unexpected. Here’s my list.

The List

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