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2022 New Mac Setup

I got a new Macbook at work, 13” w/ M2 Chip, and I thought it would be great to spend the day setting it up. The following is a document I had continued to write as I was going through every step of the way. This might inspire you to do the same, the next Macbook you start from fresh.

Order of operation


In order of installation (as appears in “Order of Operation”)




Brave Extensions


xcode-select -p
# Warning: /opt/homebrew/bin is not in your PATH.
# - Run these three commands in your terminal to add Homebrew to your PATH:
echo '# Set PATH, MANPATH, etc., for Homebrew.' >> /Users/jeremywong/.zprofile
echo 'eval "$(/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)"' >> /Users/jeremywong/.zprofile
eval "$(/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)"


Export Brew List

==> Formulae
adns gflags libcroco lz4 rav1e
aom ghostscript libde265 lzo readline
apr giflib libev m4 rtmpdump
apr-util gifsicle libevent metis rubberband
argon2 gl2ps libffi minikube sdl2
aspell glew libgcrypt mpdecimal shared-mime-info
autoconf glib libgpg-error mpfr sip
automake glog libheif mysql six
bdw-gc gmp libidn netcdf snappy
boost gnu-getopt libidn2 netlifyctl spark
brotli gnupg libksba netpbm speex
c-ares gnutls liblqr nettle sphinx-doc
ca-certificates go libmetalink nghttp2 sqlite
cairo gobject-introspection libmpc node srt
ceres-solver graphite2 libnghttp2 npth suite-sparse
cmake graphviz libogg numpy szip
composer grc libomp oniguruma tbb
coreutils gts libpng openblas tesseract
curl guile libpq opencore-amr theora
curl-openssl harfbuzz libpthread-stubs opencv tidy-html5
dav1d hdf5 librsvg openexr tldr
deno helm libsamplerate openjpeg tree
docbook icu4c libsndfile openldap unbound
docbook-xsl ilmbase libsodium openssl@1.1 unixodbc
double-conversion imagemagick libsoxr opus utf8cpp
eigen imath libssh2 p11-kit vtk
exercism isl libtasn1 pango wangle
fb303 jansson libtiff pcre watchman
fbthrift jasper libtool pcre2 webp
ffmpeg jbig2dec libunistring php wget
fizz jemalloc libusb pinentry x264
flac jpeg libvidstab pixman x265
fmt jpeg-xl libvmaf pkg-config xmlto
folly jq libvorbis potrace xorgproto
fontconfig jsoncpp libvpx protobuf xvid
freetds krb5 libx11 pugixml xz
freetype kubernetes-cli libxau pwgen yarn
frei0r kubernetes-helm libxcb pyqt youtube-dl
fribidi lame libxdmcp pyqt@5 yt-dlp
fzf lazydocker libxext python@2 zeromq
gcc leptonica libxrender python@3.10 zimg
gd libass libyaml python@3.8 zlib
gdbm libassuan libzip python@3.9 zstd
gdk-pixbuf libavif little-cms qt
gettext libbluray little-cms2 qt@5

==> Casks
calibre insomnia jet minikube

Ohmyzsh and zsh


git config --global init.defaultBranch main
git config --global <redacted>
git config --global <redacted>
ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "<redacted>"
eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"


fnm install 16
npm login
npm config set loglevel="warn"
# sudo npm install netlify-cli -g
# netlify login
# npm i -g sign-bunny fortune-node parrotsay # fun little cli utilities to use
# npm i -g undollar # for removing $
# npm install -g npm-check-updates # for updating deps
# sudo npm install -g trash-cli # to add a `trash` command to so you dont permanently delete files


brew install yarn --ignore-dependencies

Google Cloud SDK



Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

code --list-extensions | xargs -L 1 echo code --install-extension


code --install-extension ahmadalli.vscode-nginx-conf
code --install-extension albymor.increment-selection
code --install-extension asvetliakov.snapshot-tools
code --install-extension atlassian.atlascode
code --install-extension
code --install-extension bradlc.vscode-tailwindcss
code --install-extension christian-kohler.npm-intellisense
code --install-extension christian-kohler.path-intellisense
code --install-extension DavidAnson.vscode-markdownlint
code --install-extension dbaeumer.vscode-eslint
code --install-extension denoland.vscode-deno
code --install-extension DotJoshJohnson.xml
code --install-extension eamodio.gitlens
code --install-extension EditorConfig.EditorConfig
code --install-extension eg2.vscode-npm-script
code --install-extension emmanuelbeziat.vscode-great-icons
code --install-extension esbenp.prettier-vscode
code --install-extension
code --install-extension GitHub.copilot
code --install-extension GitHub.remotehub
code --install-extension jpoissonnier.vscode-styled-components
code --install-extension
code --install-extension kortina.vscode-markdown-notes
code --install-extension kumar-harsh.graphql-for-vscode
code --install-extension ms-azuretools.vscode-docker
code --install-extension ms-vscode-remote.remote-containers
code --install-extension ms-vscode.remote-repositories
code --install-extension ms-vscode.sublime-keybindings
code --install-extension ms-vsliveshare.vsliveshare
code --install-extension naumovs.color-highlight
code --install-extension pnp.polacode
code --install-extension richie5um2.vscode-sort-json
code --install-extension sandy081.todotasks
code --install-extension shanoor.vscode-nginx
code --install-extension silvenon.mdx
code --install-extension svelte.svelte-vscode
code --install-extension VisualStudioExptTeam.intellicode-api-usage-examples
code --install-extension VisualStudioExptTeam.vscodeintellicode
code --install-extension vscodevim.vim
code --install-extension wayou.vscode-todo-highlight
code --install-extension william-voyek.vscode-nginx
code --install-extension xabikos.JavaScriptSnippets
code --install-extension yzhang.markdown-all-in-one

With Monokai as my default theme


Outstanding Items

Optional Items