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My Current Favorite Questions

I took Tiago Forte’s course, “Building a Second Brain” back in 2021, and one of the first exercises we did was “12 Favorite Problems”. The idea is to lay out your favorite questions, and these questions are long-term problems without easy answers. The following are some questions that I continue to think about often, and take notes when I find new insights.


  1. How can I build my relationship to be of equal partnership, while respecting what makes us unique?
  2. How do I create and maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  3. How do I maintain relationships with family, friends, and community that builds and encourages bonds, trust, and healthy lifestyles?
  4. How do I incorporate rest alongside the stress of everyday life? Related: Tidying up and clear mental space
  5. How do I build a solid financial future for my family and myself?
  6. How can I grow my technical and interpersonal capabilities that continues to solve problems rather than cranking out widgets?
    • Interpersonal meaning soft-skills
  7. What are the small, incremental changes that, if continued on a short time interval, can have compounding effects over time? Thinking habits, routines
  8. How can I foster inspiration for creative output? Related: music, writing, and painting
  9. How do I actively engage with content rather than passively consume it?

What are your favorite problems? Feel free to email them to me 😄.

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