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Unsplash image from Jazmin Quaynor showing a weekly calendar
Unsplash image from Jazmin Quaynor showing a weekly calendar

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2023 Week 40, 41, & 42 - Weekly Notes

Missed last two weeks, as I’m going through the LYT workshop. I decided to cease publishing anything until I complete it.

Now that it’s the last week, I’m turning my attention back from my PKM to this website again. My goal is to publish once a week. 🤞🏼

Therapy Remark

Share Your Calm

This really resonated with me when talking with my therapist. In times of others’ stress, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and take that on yourself. Instead, take a moment and show your calmness, rather than echoing the stress.

Freewriting sessions

When I kept up my journaling experiences for a decade, some days, I’d let it all out on paper. Take my thoughts and feelings and let them bleed on paper. Sometimes I’d come up with barely anything. Other times, I’d pour my heart on the page.

I’m going to return to this practice because it’s a form of practicing my calm (tying the previous point back in). I’ll take a short amount of time, 3 minutes to be exact, and do the work in my journal.

Sparked Interests