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Unsplash image from Yannik Mika showing a row of mailboxes
Unsplash image from Yannik Mika showing a row of mailboxes

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Newsletter Announcement: Introducing Buttondown

As some of you may know, Tinyletter is out of operation. I’ve been using them since I started my blog back in November, 2014. My readership numbers have been low enough where it didn’t make sense to ever migrate off of it. The free tier limit was 500 emails.

With Tinyletter’s end meant I was in search of another service that has a free tier, or something with a reasonable price. I don’t like the idea of making people pay to read what I want to say, so I’ve chosen buttondown. Their free-tier is limited to 100 subscribers, so I’ve had to knock down the readership a bit. Also, I want to scale this back until my newsletter is back in an appropriate cadence. I’ve been thinking of keeping a monthly rhythm as my writing output isn’t as prolific as it used to. I’ll start with that for now and see if I can handle more than that.

With that, I’m going to send my first newsletter sometime in February, so make sure you are subscribed. Check out the form to on the newsletter page, or try below.

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