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Unsplash image from Yannik Mika showing a row of mailboxes
Unsplash image from Yannik Mika showing a row of mailboxes

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🗒️ February 2024 Updates

None of us know what will happen. Don’t spend time worrying about it. Make the most beautiful thing you can. Try to do that every day. That’s it.

— Laurie Anderson

I hope everyone’s winter has been going well. This is typically the time we throw on additional blankets. The family enjoyed a Christmas tree this past January, and it’s been our signal for a warmer, cozier time. We may throw on a feel-good movie for good measure.

To be honest, I was scared to start again. I left in silence, leaving the last part of a 7-part series go unpublished. It has been silently published on my website, in case you care to go back to the archives. And I’m afraid I let everyone down by going silent for 5 years (seriously 😳). But another part of me wants to reach out, say hello, and tell the world what I’ve been up to. I miss the intimate space and the replies I would get from you, dear readers. Maybe in the future, I’ll make a Discord server or a forum. But alas, there’s only so much time in the day for starting new projects.

🧹 Housekeeping

I’ve made some major updates to my website. Last year, I did a major rewrite to make publishing as seamless as possible. I’ve had a lot of configuration issues in the past with my Jekyll project, and rather than futzing around with yet another Ruby manager, I’ve moved myself over to Astro.

The other reason for making updates to my website is it feels like my attempt at reclaiming space I willingly handed over the past decade with social media. I like the tiny web circles, like my friend’s Discord server and other blogs. By that same token, I love carving out my own Internet space.

As such, I’ve been hammering on additions that make my personal space feel more at home and less of a microblog you shout into the air with countless other quasi-anonymous people.

Curations: In my mind, a curation is a collection that has been personally selected for a topic or theme. I think of it beyond listicles, where I can dive into other thoughts as I’m describing my favorite book, movie, or favorite creator. There’s much to explore.

Now: I have added it to the now-list page. A Now page is what you’re up to now. Here’s mine. However, if you want an update, I’ll email it in this newsletter.

Projects: I’ve been busy updating my projects so they are all consistent.

Writing: I’ve been experimenting with different formats. Today I Learned (TIL), Weekly Notes, Website updates, and things that I’m learning. I’ve noticed I like a mix of short-form and long-form, and I’ll continue to publish regularly now my website administration is a lot easier to handle.

Logs: In case you didn’t know, I’ve been putting all of my media consumed in one place. At least the things I keep track of.

I won’t be as extensive in future newsletters about my housekeeping updates.

📣 Personal Note

I left some of you wondering about my father and his health issues. He’s back home and still recovering. We’re visiting him once a week, and things are slowly progressing. I will give you more updates when I have them.

As always, feel free to reply. Share something you’ve been up to this winter. Send pictures of your favorite captured moment of 2024. That’s all for now. 👋🏽