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Unsplash image from Yannik Mika showing a row of mailboxes
Unsplash image from Yannik Mika showing a row of mailboxes

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🗒️ March 2024 Updates

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.

— Diane Ackerman

Happy Springtime everyone!

Yearly Theme

For the past few years, I’ve been trying something new instead of New Year’s resolutions: a yearly theme.

But first, what is a “yearly theme”? Instead of setting resolutions at the start of the year, you set an overall idea of how you would like to approach each year or season. This then becomes a guide for your personal and/or professional life throughout that period.

Ideally, you would also think of what the ideal outcome is for a set period and some key actions you would like to complete. This helps you maintain focus throughout the year when considering new projects.

My yearly theme for 2024 is “Year of Renewal”. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I was under a lot of stress last year, and I thought I would take a step back and gather myself again.

In practice, this looks like a goal a month, focusing on a different part of renewal. January was defining boundaries. I answered the following questions:

This helped me determine how to bring in the new year by making these identifications.

In February, I wanted to renew my sense of play. As I’ll go over in my highlights, I’ve been playing with code again. ChatGPT and other LLMs have renewed my interest in bespoke applications, i.e. one-off applications that serve a singular purpose. It’s renewed my sense of what I like to work on, even if it’s a selfish purpose to fulfill my curiosities.

I’ll go over March’s goal in the next newsletter, as I’m still in the middle of it.

Craft By Zen Highlights

Now that I have a routine of adding content to my website, here’s a recap of what I did in March.

Thanks for all of the support from everyone! If you like these updates, you can always reply to these emails and let me know what’s going on in your life.

That’s all for now!