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Unsplash image from Jazmin Quaynor showing a weekly calendar
Unsplash image from Jazmin Quaynor showing a weekly calendar

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2024 Week 13 - Weekly Notes

Honestly, I didn’t know there was a community called Web of Weeknotes that posts on Medium and gets picked up by this filter. Right on. I stopped posting on Medium after everything got locked up in paywalls. I don’t feel right having to make people pay for a platform they don’t own. I thought freely writing on a platform means you should be able to share it with anyone. But then again, this isn’t Blogger or LiveJournal of yesteryear.

By 2013, Netflix had begun entering into a series of “Facebook Extended API” agreements, including a so-called “Inbox API” agreement that allowed Netflix programmatic access to Facebook’s users’ private message inboxes, in exchange for which Netflix would “provide to FB a written report every two weeks that shows daily counts of recommendation sends and recipient clicks by interface, initiation surface, and/or implementation variant (e.g., Facebook vs. non-Facebook recommendation recipients). … In August 2013, Facebook provided Netflix with access to its so-called “Titan API,” a private API that allowed a whitelisted partner to access, among other things, Facebook users’ “messaging app and non-app friends.”

Obit Watch ⏱️🪦

Honestly, I’m not depressed. I remember Austen Kleon’s book inspired me to read more obituaries. There’s some notable people (and throw in an aspect of design) that have passed away this past week.

The 2 pillars of strong relationships: High expectations and high support.

High expectations are the belief that the other person is capable of excellence, that their potential is only limited by their own views. High support is the ability and willingness to provide the love, support, and engagement to help the person meet those high expectations. Both are necessary to achieve a strong relationship.

— Sahil Bloom

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