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Unsplash image from Jazmin Quaynor showing a weekly calendar
Unsplash image from Jazmin Quaynor showing a weekly calendar

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2024 Week 23 - Weekly Notes

Coming out of vacation is hard to transition back into the normal routine gears. As such, it’s the end of the week and I haven’t reviewed my notes from the previous week.

I lost my sense of smell, known as parosmia?, and it completely threw me off guard. And by losing your sense, you notice the hidden ways you use your nose. Like detecting smoke, cooking, and tasting food. Or the smell of the outdoors like petrichor after it rains.

I’m trying something new with this week’s format. It took far longer to create, so I think I might scale it back next week. Let me know if you like this better.


Local Rumblings

National (and International) Splashes


The Technium

The AI Stuff

Opinionated Mentions

Other Matters

Amateurs, in contrast, are not certified as knowing. They may or may not know, and their “knowledge” may or may not be trustworthy, but they are always seeking. They are striving to know, in their own ways of knowing, ways that are meaningful to them but may or may not be meaningful to others. Amateurs are always learning, never at a steady state of knowing. — Peter Gray on his newsletter, Play Makes Us Human, writing “In Praise of Amateurism

Lengthy Digestions

Tasks are infinite, calendars are finite — David Sparks


Elizabeth Filips presents “Deadly Beauty: Why Everyone Feels Ugly Now”. Citations for the video.

Touch down!!!

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