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Unsplash image from Jazmin Quaynor showing a weekly calendar
Unsplash image from Jazmin Quaynor showing a weekly calendar

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2024 Week 25 - Weekly Notes

Be a cycle maker, not a cycle breaker
— Jatee Kearsley, owner of Je T’aime Patisserie Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Video

This idea of forgoing cycle breaking to making new cycles, like being the first grad to your family, or running your own business. Jatee talks about being the first business owner in her family, and I loved her enthusiasm and spirit.

Reflection - I’m using these weekly notes to remind myself what I’ve been reading and consuming over the past week and reminding myself why these things are important to me. I’ve felt myself being pulled in too many directions, and the heading in this note help me understand what overall topics are interesting me as of late. Hopefully I want to string these together into more cohesive themes that I can thread from week to week.

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