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Book cover image for The Commitment
Book cover image for The Commitment
Author: Dan Savage
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A personal account of tying the knot with Dan's partner, offering insights into the meaning of commitment in the context of love, sex, marriage, and family. And it's Dan's thoughts on marriage and the dynamics of his own relationship, making it a valuable read for anyone considering marriage or seeking a deeper understanding of committed relationships.

This week’s book: “The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family” by Dan Savage. I started reading this book earlier last year, got half way, and put it down. Then last month, I finally pulled myself together to finish the book. At first, I thought it was all about Mr. Savage’s journey through the hurdles of getting married (as he is gay, and wants a same-sex marriage). However, I was surprised to hear a lot of other opinions from popular media to politics (and in particular, the GOP’s candidate, Rick Santorum, and his views on gay marriage).

I absolutely love the story about his son, and heard it first of “This American Life”. It really does put gay marriage into light for me as I was not as sympathetic (but did support) the issue. If you’re familiar with Dan Savage’s work, his style of humor and insight are absolutely fabulous.

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