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book cover
book cover
Author: Margaret Atwood
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This week’s book review is of a much older book. While holding off to read “Oryx and Crake,” I read “The Robber Bride” by Margaret Atwood. The story follows three women who are friends and share a common foe from their past. The story has been split between these three women putting their perspectives on how they had to deal with a supposed friend, Zenia.

If you’ve seen the CBC TV movie of this book, please send me to wherever it is because I want to see how true it is to the book. At first, I thought I was reading about a succubus, but I started to realize it was about the negative parts of these three women’s personalities and lives revealed by Zenia. I really love the story of this book because it brings a fresh perspective on personal development of a longer range of age for women in their later 40’s, which is much better than being continuously reminded of women in their late teens early twenties making the best decision for their lives. Consequences of the past matter, and will be revealed with time.

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