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Book cover for The Happiness Hypothesis
Book cover for The Happiness Hypothesis
Author: Jonathon Haidt
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This book looks at ancient wisdom and puts it under a psychologist’s eyes. It asks the main important questions of life and uses a elephant and a rider as an analogy to really make his arguments. At the end, it’s about finding the middle ground of it all, not just a life of pure meditation and being hyper-materialistic.

Follow-up Review on 2015-02-09

You’ve read this guy’s other book, “The Righteous Mind”. Before he wrote that, he wrote this book about what advice the ancients had and how to find a way to live in modern life given those set of principles. From this, I learned the concept of proper balance, between removing oneself away from materialism versus being fully immersed in it. The author really tries to distill the decades of work he has found in old, philosophical texts as he’s a professor of Philosophy.