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Book cover for The Willpower Instinct
Book cover for The Willpower Instinct
Author: Kelly McGonigal
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First Read:

This is my self-help book of the quarter. It’s about how our willpower works and it’s a practical guide in changing habits and really utilizing willpower without being drained. It’s highly interesting and brings on a ten-week plan. It’s been used by the book’s author, Kelly McGonigal, and the class she teaches undergrads and others at Stanford. I’m going to review it later and see if I can actually change one of my habits through this program. I’ve tried some of her suggestions before, but now I know more of the science behind it. If you want a primer to this, I recommend her talk @Google.

Follow-up Review on 2015-02-09

A week-by-week manual on how to improve your goals. This book is taken from Dr. McGonigal’s class at Stanford and goes through exercises to build habits. This was a sacrifice over “The Power of Habit”, which also details willpower, but I think this one is more practical and that you can use the moment you start reading. One of the things it taught me was a keystone habit, in which one habit may actually bring about multiple good habits.