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Book cover for Adulting
Book cover for Adulting
Author: Kelly Williams Brown
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"Adulting" provides a humorous and practical guide for young adults navigating the challenges of independent living, covering a range of topics from financial management and career development to personal relationships and self-care. The book offers straightforward advice and relatable anecdotes to help readers ease into the responsibilities of adulthood.

It was a toss-up between this book and the Dr. Meg Jay book. This is a very actionable book for twenty-somethings. It goes through a lot of different aspect of tuning up your life. I’ve only read sections of this, and I’ve found it useful for tips on what friends to keep, how to declutter, and how to maintain work relationships. It’s a rather fun book that was started as a blog.

The Seven Dwarfs of frienemies:

  • Flaky: Do you two have plans? How about now? Flirty (to your significant other): This girl needs you to accept the fact that she playfully jostles your boyfriend every few minutes because that’s just who she is! She’s just friendly! Oh my God, it doesn’t even mean anything! You’re not mad, are you?
  • Boasty: This frienemy says something boastful but phrases it as a complaint about themselves so you’re forced to comfort her, even though both of you know damn well that she isn’t upset about looking too thin.
  • Crabby: This frienemy can never, ever enjoy a single thing, but instead keeps up a monologue of misery and disdain. Never bring this person to a fun dance party, or a goofy movie, or to meet your new significant other. Spoiler alert: She won’t like them. Because she doesn’t like anything.
  • Backstabby: This friend loves you soooooooo much! Except when you are between her and something she wants, in which case, fuck you!
  • Underminey: No, that dress you bought looks … great! So you! It’s awesome that you feel so comfortable with your body!
  • Doc: This frienemy knows exactly what you’re going through, and has all kinds of advice. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re actually going through this, because Doc has diagnosed so, so many things wrong with you. She’s only trying to help. She’s just doing this because she cares.