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Book cover for Field Guide to Happiness
Book cover for Field Guide to Happiness
Author: Linda Leaming
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The author recounts her experiences in Bhutan and how it relates back to how the Bhutanese feel towards happiness and other contemplative thoughts on life.



  1. Everyone wants to be happy.
  2. Happiness begins with intent.
  3. Happiness doesn’t just happen; it’s a result of conscious action (and sometimes that “action” is to do nothing).
  4. This action involves doing simple things well. (Page xiv)

Chapter 1 - Calm Down

Personal Notes

Page 10

Page 13

Chapter 2 - Lose Your Luggage

Chapter 3 - Learn to Breathe

Chapter 4 - Rusticate

Chapter 5 - Drink Tea

Chapter 6 - Kindness Will Save Us

Chapter 7 - It’s Okay To Be Who You Are

Chapter 8 - Laugh in the Face of Death

Chapter 9 - Generosity is Contagious

Chapter 10 - Walk in Sacred Places

Chapter 11 - Parent Yourself

Any good parent, or in my case, any half-assed parent, understands the value added to parenthood is that you get better at parenting yourself. At least, you should. (Page 105)

Chapter 12 - You Are What You Eat

Chapter 13 - Move to the Middle in All Things

Chapter 14 - There Are No Accidents

Chapter 15 - Learn To Be Water

Chapter 16 - Don’t expect everything to always work out

Chapter 17 - Think About Death 5 Times a Day

Chapter 18 - Simple is Genius

Chapter 19 - Looking for Magic

Chapter 20 - See the world with your heart

Chapter 21 - Check Your Ego

Chapter 22 - Wake Up