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Book cover for The Art of Learning
Book cover for The Art of Learning
Author: Josh Waitzkin
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Josh Waitzkin shares his unique systems of thematic learning, idea generation, building resilience, and mastering the art of performance psychology.

“The Art of Learning” by Josh Waitzkin presents several key principles for effective learning.

  1. Growth Mindset: Cultivate a resilient commitment to the growth process and avoid being molded into a single style by prescriptive training methods. (See Mindset)
  2. Deliberate Practice: Engage in purposeful, focused practice that challenges you at the edge of your abilities, allowing for continuous improvement and skill development.
  3. Discipline and Love: Embrace discipline while staying true to your individual predispositions, and strive to integrate deeply and fully the most resonant information in your life.
  4. Routines: Establish healthy patterns and routines to support effective learning and growth in daily life.

Source for the four principles

Waitzkin emphasizes the importance of deeply understanding basic principles and the concept of learning at the edge of one’s abilities to expand skills and adapt to higher levels of performance.

He also advocates for the art of losing, seeing it as an opportunity to learn and grow, and highlights the importance of quality of presence for peak performance. [3]

Additionally, Waitzkin’s learning philosophy revolves around striving for “presence,” learning through trial and error, and balancing tensions as one grows. [2]

The book offers a fresh perspective on achieving excellence and provides valuable insights into mastery and the art of learning. [3]


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