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A Room With A View
A Room With A View
Dir. James Ivory
🌎 United Kingdom
🗓️ 1986
⌚️ 117 minutes
🔊 English
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One of those picturesque romance movies from a Merchany-Ivory production of an E. M. Forrester novel. And a punchable performance from Daniel-Day Lewis.


I feel every Merchant-Ivory film I’ve seen has a special place in my heart. I didn’t grow up loving historical dramas. It was my roommate who introduced me to BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (about 5 times) that I’ve grown to like them over time.

For my LGBT Media class in college, we watched Maurice, and I was surprised that historical dramas tackled a gay romance. Of course, who could say no to a Hugh Grant / James wilby pairing?

Film still of A Room with a View
Film still of A Room with a View

“A Room With A View” isn’t a gay romance. Instead, it’s a heterosexual drama between a young Helena Bonham-Carter and Julian Sands, mixed with a love triangle with Daniel Day-Lewis. It’s locations mix between the heart of Florence, Italy and Surrey, England. Based off an E. M. Forster novel of the same name, the film plays in two parts. Part 1 focuses on the time in Italy and Part 2 focuses on returning to England in a very restrained and restrictive English society.

Film still of A Room with a View
Film still of A Room with a View

Each frame is picturesque. The film score swells in the beautiful landscapes. The supporting cast shines alongside the main cast, including Maggie Smith, Simon Callow, Judi Dench, and Rupert Graves. I can’t recommend this morning enough. Must Watch.

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