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Coat of arms that say Nullius In Verba
Coat of arms that say Nullius In Verba
Over a decade ago, Buster Benson started his "Codex Vitae" or book of beliefs. He started small and re-visited it every year, updating his beliefs as his life changes.

I aspire to write a book of beliefs like Buster did. I love its humble beginnings, and where it has gone. I’m still around the age Buster started his document. I have a working draft that I started but it got too unwieldy.

It’s a reminder for myself to constantly iterate, as the first draft is always shitty. And I know that I will be constantly changing, so constant iteration is needed. It’s okay not to be a fixed status in life. When do you know you’re an engineeer vs. a retired or former engineer?

Link to the codex