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Low-Cost Groundwater Detection

Project DetailsSection titled Project Details

For Science Hack Day 2014, our team created a low-cost groundwater detection is necessary to measure groundwater usage on a wide scale.

The following is from the presentation given at Science Hack Day.

Things that you needSection titled Things that you need

To Measure ResistivitySection titled To Measure Resistivity

Math!Section titled Math!

Groundwater spacing

Space electrodes evenly

Groundwater outer distance

Inject current in OUTER pair

Groundwater inner distance

Measure voltage across INNER pair

Groundwater depth


z = a / 2

Groundwater resistivity


ρ = 2 π a V/I

ρ low = WATER!
ρ high = DRY!

Groundwater distance to depth

As distance a increases, the depth of signal increases

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Groundwater prototype

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