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Holiday Card Charity Drive 2019

Happy holidays! I’m in a jolly mood and would like to present to you my annual holiday card charity drive. This year, the card will be drawn by my AxiDraw robot, then painted over in lovely colors. In return, I have one ask. Can you share some love to people who are less fortunate than you?

This year, I’m choosing GivingGlobal as my charity fund. They are a crowdfunding community connecting donors with non-profits. From giving the gift of education to disaster relief for communities hit hard, donors can choose from thousands of projects on GivingGlobal’s platform to fund. Plus, on CharityNavigator, they have a near perfect score when it comes to financial, accountability and transparency rating.

Here’s how it works. Choose a project you’d like to fund. Once you’ve made your donation, fill out the Google form below and tell me the project you’ve donated to as well as the amount. Also on that form, I will ask for your address to send a holiday card to!

The deadline is December 20th, 2019.

Donation link

When you’re done donating, here’s a link to the Google Form

Happy Holidays,
Jeremy Wong

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