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Oh My Zsh

Oh My Zsh is an extension of zsh that allows for extensibility on top of Zsh, such as autocompletion, themes, and plugins.

Build Podcast Write-up

Oh My ZSH is a community driven project for managing zsh configuration. We will explore some functions of z-shell (zsh), iTerm and Oh My ZSH so that we can get to be a little more productive in our daily coding hours!

Background on Oh My Zsh

  1. Oh My ZSH main website, twitter - top forked or starred project in github
  2. iTerm and its features, wiki
  3. zsh

Things to learn with Oh My ZSH

1. iTerm

2. zsh

  1. change to zsh in iTerm: Preference > Profiles > General > Command > choose Command > /bin/zsh
  2. ps -ef|grep $$|grep -v grep will look for current process ID in the list of current running processes - zsh in this case
  3. spelling check
  4. globbping - selecting files marching a pattern. E.g. to read all the files in the build podcast repo: ls ~/Sites/build-podcast/**/*.md

3. oh my zsh

  1. copy bash profile settings in file ~/.bash_profile

More Resources on Iterm, Oh-My-ZSH, Zsh

1. iTerm

  1. Working effectively with iTerm2
  2. iTerm2, the successor to Terminal

2. zsh

  1. zsh - the last shell you will ever need
  2. user’s guide to zsh

3. oh my zsh

  1. podcast with Robby Russell, the creator
  2. podcast by Ryan Bates - learn how to make plugins
  3. zsh lovers
  4. official list of plugins and themes
  5. wordy neardy zsh prompt