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Unsplash image from Yannik Mika showing a row of mailboxes
Unsplash image from Yannik Mika showing a row of mailboxes

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Newsletter - June Bugs

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If May was a happy time in our lives, then June erupted with a rude awakening. My wife and I caught COVID for the first time, which is surprising we didn’t catch it sooner. The first week hit me hard, the second week I lost my sense of taste. It was the weirdest thing as I was cooking some stew, I felt lost without my sense of smell. I know there were some viral moments during the pandemic of people showing how they could eat the weirdest combinations, and it was bizarre, but that seemed like a blip in history. When I lost my sense, it dawned on me how much we rely on our olfactory to navigate the world. I burned a candle and couldn’t smell it, convincing me if I was in a burning building, I’d have to rely on my sense of touch over smell.

I was mostly recovered by the third week. I dread anyone suffering through long COVID. Let me know how your COVID experience went if you’ve caught it. And if you haven’t, my goodness, keep it up.

Yuzu in front of Mission Santa Clara
Yuzu in front of Mission Santa Clara

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