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7 Degrees of Strangers Letterhead
7 Degrees of Strangers Letterhead

Welcome to the third series of the Jear-Bear letters. For the new readers, this is my weekly newsletter. We’re back with a new series called “Seven Degrees of Strangers”.

The title is a play on “Seven Degrees of Separation” where you are at most seven links away from knowing any random stranger on Earth. So if I met a stranger on the street, I could trace them to at most seven degrees of separation until I found a connection.

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Update: 2024-02-01

Tinyletter is out of operation. I’ve created a new newsletter using button.down, which you can subscribe to on the newsletter page.


The project is a mix of two projects. The first is Megan Gilbert’s blog, “52 Cups of Tea”. In that blog, she interviews a person a week over tea or coffee in preparation for getting prepared for finding a job in the real world outside of college.

The second is Kio Stark’s newsletter and book talking to strangers. In the series, Kio recounts stories she has with starngers in NYC. She keeps reminding me I want to talk with random people and share worldviews.

For the old readers, thanks for your patience. I know it’s months between the last newsletter, and I’m really happy to share the next few weeks with you. And to the new readers, I hope you’ll love what you’re about to read.