Instead of giving one “About Me” blurb, I’m going to give the “About Me” description for different instances. If you’re looking for where I am on the Internet, you can check out my” page. If you’re looking for my resume, you can find that on my resume page.


Software Developer, Marathoner, Baker, Reader, Writer, and Attempted Maker of LED Doggie Jackets.

The Brief

Hello, my name is Jeremy. I am a Web Developer. My current role is at Clear Labs. Prior to that, for Inform, Reverb Technologies, Dev Bootcamp alum, Lumenous Device Technologies. I received my B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I am currently living in California, primarily Silicon Valley.

On my spare time, I’m a musician, a writer, a foodie, a amateur chef, and a world traveler.


Start with a beginner’s mind. A beginner’s mind is open to new and radical ideas An expert’s mind rejects new ideas and sticks to what they know. When I quit my job as a medical device engineer and decided to become a web developer, I was afraid of what I was getting myself into But then I remembered this zen concept, “beginner’s mind”, and it reminded me that hacking and tinkering away at a programming language can be fun with infinite possibilities

Through breaking and creating things as a kid, I knew I had the maker spirit inside I decided to go through the Dev Bootcamp program and found myself making again; the coolest thing is to imagine something on Monday, and stare at its physical manifestation by Friday. That feeling along with the feelings of frustration, disappointment and sacrifice that comes along with the journey, is something I am falling in love with

But I haven’t done it alone. Being talented or an expert at something isn’t mutually exclusive to being a great co-worker. I’ve found out through teamwork and management that communication trumps talent. The ability to communicate and working well with others that matters more, and I have been working on it during the past few months while being team lead on my projects. I learned a kind person, different than a nice person, can tell others they are doing a great job or they need to work on something without sugar coating it

About the font

The title font is “Festivo Lowercase”, a font by Ahmet Altun.

Everything else is “Brother 1816”, a font by Ignacio Corbo and Fernando Díaz of TipoType.

Continued Learning

I have another blog where I write about things I am learning about. Check it out.

Jeremy Wong is a former medical device engineer turned software developer. He is a web developer at Clear Labs, a company developing a next-generation sequencing platform for food safety testing. Previously he’s worked at Reverb Technologies, Inform, FamiliesUSA, and Lumenous Device Technologies. His software projects span different domains, from neurogaming to data visualization to AR apps. Beyond his software projects, he publishes an email newsletter, plays music, bakes with little success, and helps take care of a homestead. He graduated from Dev Bootcamp in 2014 and has a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Cal Poly.